Spiritual Dejection

It is my belief that all which has been written concerning our Lord in the Bible is fact. However what conclusions or assumptions am I making that are causing me to be dispirited. I fully understand that there shouldn’t be feeling of dejection, as a Christian, for God gave me a spirit of hope and love. And even though this is apparent, I still from time to time feel like why don’t things go my way.

I know now that my wants and desires are my flesh patterns, and my flesh patterns are still in control of my behavior and emotions. When I feel dejected it’s always because I didn’t get my way. But I have grown beyond blaming anyone or God for my misgivings. Contrarily, it is totally impossible for me to live a spiritual life on my owns strength.  It is only by God’s power moving through me that I can live His life.

I believe in maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind, but without a strong spiritual life I have nothing. Prayer keeps me in touch with the one who know’s how to keep this flesh at peace.

As I remember these word from Oswald Chambers “Dejection spiritually is wrong, and we are always to blame for it.”  I thank God everyday for the magnificent deity of Jesus Christ.


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